D12 Rapper Bizarre Disses Gillie Da King on WAX: ‘First Of All, I Got Love For Philly/ F*ck That Ni**a Wallo, F*ck That Ni**a Gillie’

Bizarre of D12 dropped his latest rhyme video where he goes in Gille Da King and Wallo. Wallo, who spent twenty-years in prison only to come home and relentlessly work to motivate Philadelphia’s youth to channel their energy in a positive direction, is Gillie’s cousin.

For Bizarre, this seems to be pure Rap-related. The vereran Detroit rapper wants the lyrical smoke with Gillie where he rhymes in his latest video, ‘GRIMMEY NI**AZ (Gillie Da Kid Diss),’

“First of all, I got love for Philly/ F*ck that ni**a Wallo, F*ck that ni**a Gillie/ Top work Rapper alive, yeah that’s me/ We could do it in Phillie, We could do it in The D/ I choke this ni**a/ Smack set it up I smoke this ni**a” Before Bizarre goes on to assert, “Worst Rapper alive?? Smack set it up. I’ll kill this ni**a.”

Find the video up top.

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