12 Other Allegations Included in Cuba Gooding Jr’s Indictment Today

As we reported earlier, Cuba Gooding Jr. had to appear in court today (10/15) in order to face accusations leveled against him of sexual misconduct. It turns out the indictment contains 12 other allegations against the actor. Prosecturs say Gooding is not being charged for any of the above-mentioned other 12 allegations. The purpose for including these alleged occurrences in the indictment is because the prosecution seeks to demonstrate an established behavioral pattern on Gooding’s part. Among the 12 allegations indudes one woman who accuses the actor of pinching her butt and telling her “You’ve got a good piece of ass.” Another woman from among the 12 additional allegations claims Gooding bit her shoulder a couple of times. A third woman accuses Gooding of grabbing her arm as she walked past him, placing his hand inside her blouse and squeezing on her bare breast before the actor requested she “Sit on my face, pee in my mouth.”

Gooding’s lawyer, Mark Heller, responded to the 12 allegations, telling TMZ, “Cuba denies all of these allegations. This is a typical scenario in which random people come out of the woodwork to accuse a celebrity who has already been charged. They have no credibility because Cuba was not charged with any of those allegations.”

Check the videos below provided by TMZ from today’s trial.

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