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In a rather interesting post, Big U took to social media in order to remind “visitors” who will visit the State of California after the coronavirus “pandemic” passes that they must “BETTER BE ON SOMEONE CHECKED IN LIST!”

It’s worth noting that Big U (legal name: Eugene Henley) is a 54-year-old adult who’s also a man of the community. The irony is that considering he’s 6-years-away from turning 60 years-of-age (may he blessed with healthy, strong and capable living) and is a leader a youth programs which are meant to help Crenshaw-area youth avoid the pitfalls of street life, Big U’s latest post sends a message of essentially extortion of non-California resident Black artists who must “check in.”

We only hear about Black people being forced to check in. You never hear about a corporate executive having to come to the hood in Los Angeles-metro and “checking in.” Also, notice veteran Detroit rapper Trick Trick in the comments of Big U’s post writing, “NO FLY ZONE!!!” Trick Trick will turn 47-years-old on 6/28 of this year.

Anyway not passing judgment on anyone simply observing the leadership, or lack thereof, of behavior involved here. Catch the post below.

“We @ Home Chilling And When its Over Yall still going to Fly Yall ass In For this SUN AND FUN ….. DONT CALL ME AN ASK ME SHIT ❗ YALL LOCKED OUT STAY OUT ‼ NOW YALL DONT HAVE TO CHECK IN !! ….. SO WHEN ITS OVER YALL VISITORS BETTER BE ON SOMEONE CHECKED IN LIST‼So U interviewer and etc… dont ask me about Vistor Checking N No More…… #crenshawdistrict #Crenshaw #UNEEKWAY #uneekmusic #DaUneekWay #uneeksocks #fyp”

What happens if you’re a rapper and don’t “check in” do you ended up shot and killed like Houston rapper Maxo Kream’s brother Money Madu (see here) or Brooklyn rapper Pop Smoke (see here)?

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