Colin Kaepernick Addresses Jay-Z Sitting Down During National Anthem

Colin Kaepernick, for being such a major public (albeit polar) personality, remains a man of few words. It’s actually quite intriguing how Kaepernick continues to be relevant considering he has yet to give an interview since what many consider to have been politically ostracized by the NFL (aka “blackballed”). In addition, Kaepernick has faced criticism from members of the media, such as Shannon Sharpe & Stephen A. Smith, and ROC Nation client Dez Bryant, among others.

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Earlier we reported on the fact that Jay-Z and Beyonce remained seated while the national anthem was being played during Super Bowl LIV. It’s not clear what Jay’s intention was behind remaining seated. It’s quite noticeable from the video taken that many people in that same section also remained seated while Demi Lovato sang the anthem.

Kaepernick did take time to allude to this video by reposting a fan’s post in his IG stories. Catch some of the reposts, among many other, below from Kaepernick including one from LA’s most popular radio Hip-Hop host Big Boy.

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