Christian Pastor Jamal Bryant Blasts Kanye West’s Trump-Supporting Politics As ‘Indigestible’

As we reported yesterday, Kanye West will be meeting with Christian preacher Joel Osteen this Sunday while church is in session. Kanye will be bringing his ‘Sunday Service’ choir along with him in order to tell his story of overcoming adversity to Osteen’s massive audience. You can read about that here.

That being said, it appears not all Christian leaders are ready to give Kanye two-thumbs up. Georgia Pastor Jamal Bryant has no personal qualms with Mr. West. He does disagree with the ‘Jesus Is King’ rapper however and the pastor further states the message after the (Jesus Is King) album is just as important.

Specifically, Pastor Jamal captioned his post with the following,

“Reading in between the lines… [Kanye West’s] project is incredible but his politics are indigestible. The message after the music is just as important. Jesus is king and Trump is a jester. Our theology doesn’t match this [administration’s] politics…the revolution won’t be televised.”

Catch the post below.

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