Christian Man Plans To Sue The NFL For $867 Trillion For The J.Lo/Shakira Halftime Show; Seeks Class-Action Lawsuit

Dave Daubenmire, host of the Pass The Salt Live webcast, intends on suing the National Football League for $867 Trillion. Daubenmire claims there was no warning that the “peddled porn” would be streaming onto his viewing device (TV, Computer, etc) and whomever is responsible is “keeping” him “from getting into the kingdom of heaven.” The webcast host is now actively seeking out an attorney with the intention of filing a class action lawsuit against Pepsi, the NFL and his local cable service provider.

In the bigger scheme of things many Americans are seemingly becoming more divided over an abundance of issues and the NFL is becoming a staging ground for these cultural wars. The question people should ask themselves is, what is and what is not constitutionally legal? Because as Americans, the Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution, and several amendments which in later years, is what truly distinguishes us from the rest of the world and people seem to be increasingly losing focus of this truth.

Catch the video below.

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