Cardi B Replaces Santa Claus In New Christmas ‘Twerk Shop’ Commercial

As the Holiday season quickly approaches most people will begin to get filled up with warm, fuzzy feelings of holiday-inspired joy. Cardi B fans are in for an extra treat as the ‘Bodak Yellow’ rapper is championing the Gift it Forward campaign, promoting acts of charity. The Pepsi-sponsored campaign had Cardi traveling to London to film the commercial which showcases “Cardi’s Twerk Shop.”

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Regarding the holidays, the Bronx-bred rapper states to Billboard,

“It just made me so excited, as soon as I got there [London] I’m like, ‘We’re getting to the holidays. I’m really excited for the holidays this year because my baby’s a little bit older. I cannot wait to see her interact with her family. I love toy shopping.”

However, don’t expect Cardi to make any Christmas carols anytime soon.

“I feel like those aren’t things you should touch. You should leave it to Mariah Carey and leave it there. You don’t want to mess it up. You don’t want to put a Christmas song out and it don’t do good and it ruins your spirit. Listen, I am not playing with Christmas.”

Billboard reports,

“Holiday 12-packs of Pepsi will be stamped with QR-codes that will give buyers the opportunity to win cash prizes ranging from $5 to $25,000, where they’ll also be able to gift their winnings to friends and family as part of the season of giving. Catch the commercial during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the NFL games all Turkey Day.”

Catch the short commercial video below.

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