XXXTentacion Murder Suspect Afraid Of Being Labled Snitch

New legal documents obtained by The Blast reveal that Dedrick Williams, a suspect in the XXXTentacion murder case, has decided to start “snitching.”

In the beginning Williams lied to investigators about being at RIVA Motorsports the day X was killed. However, upon being told by police that Williams was caught on camera, he decided to reveal he was the driver of the SUV that took the shooters to the scene, but he added that he didn't know about their plans to rob XXXTentacion. Williams then went on to state that the incident left him so shaken that he could not  sleep.

After being interrogated by police, Williams showed concern about being labeled a snitch in prison. At this point , police had already found bullets matching the casings at the scene in Williams' car, along with $800 in clothing with a receipt for a purchase made after the murder. Police also found a live round at his home that was established to have been fired through the murder weapon. Williams girlfriend also explained to police that he had confided in her about the shooting, and she named Michael Boatwright and Trayvon Newsome as the other suspects.

Eventually the car was traced back to Tony Williams, a woman who identified herself as Williams' sister, and fingerprints in the car were matched to Boatwright.

Boatwright was arrested earlier this month, and upin the police searching his phone, they found searches for "accessory to murder" and they linked it to Williams' home and RIVA Motorsports the day of the murder. Police suspect Boatwright was a shooter in the incident, along with Trayvon Newsome, who is still on the run from authorities.


Source:  The Blast

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