In a music video shot only weeks before his murder, XXXTentacion attended his own funeral and appeared to confront his own demons.

XXXTentacion, whose real name is Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, was killed during an armed robbery in Miami on June 18. The intro to his latest music video for the song Sad! shows the revered rapper walking up to a casket and looking inside to see his own body. 

Throughout the nearly six-minute video, XXXTentacion appears to be haunted by the Grim Reaper as he reflects on his turbulent past.
Towards the end of the video, a handwritten note from the late rapper reads: “People change. Things change. And so do I.”
The video was posted to XXXTentacion’s YouTube channel on Thursday night, and has already surpassed over 70 million views. 
Private funeral services for the rapper were also held on Thursday afternoon, which was attended by several notable guests including musician Erykah Badu. 

LONG LIVE XXX ❤️ “They may try to erase your face But millions spring up in your place. “ -e.b. May you find peace in the next now. May the world begin to understand the depths of living between two worlds and recognize that ( you) Jahseh Onfroy is what happens when one is in a struggle to embrace the predator and the victim inside himself at once. Many feel as you did. May your mother, family, childs mother, and those grieving, find moments of peace. May your growing seed receive all of the beautiful things you may have needed and wanted and be the perfect evolution of your design. May all those who were hurt by your hands, as a result of your own hurt, be healed and granted the lessons they came to receive from you. May the many souls you healed and saved from taking their own lives hold on one more day to do a service for another. Only your eyes can see your heart but we feel it thru the love vibrations in your music. You struggled with depression and other real mental health issues and still you were able to go deep inside yourself to communicate LOVE and empathy to those who had similar struggles -thru your messages. You were on a conscious constant path to healing. You just wanted the world to see. You asked for forgiveness and WERE forgiven by those you hurt. Now the world has a choice to forgive. I see you. The Powers don’t fear the violent part of you...They fear what you were capable of. Evolution.

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