America's ongoing issue with corrupt police officers seems to be an issue that no US President is willing to address.  Although it's true there are plenty of good cops protecting and serving the public, there are simply way too many crooked and flat-out racist police officers for it not to be considered a priority for any US administration to tackle.  However, it seems this issue is constantly being set on the back burner and at best leads to presidential candidates addressing it only when it's time to hit the campaign trail.


This latest issue caught on Live camera is bizarre.  And what makes it bizarre is the fact that we are able to witness it because it was indeed recorded.  However it's certainly safe to assume that most cases of police corruption and racism are not recorded.  

If we're going to make America great it's time to get serious about police and jail reform.  An unjust nation cannot be great.  Justice is the root of greatness.




I Respect Good Police Officers 💯. But Reckless Racist Police like this Have No Place Protecting The Community. Where’d they recruit him, the KKk? Spread the Word. He gots to go 💯

Posted by My Religion Is Rap on Sunday, August 5, 2018





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