With many of the Golden Era legends now moving independent of silly label constraints, it's no surprise we're witnessing refreshing collaborations.  Another joint work that can be added to this list is the recent work put out by Cypress Hill's DJ Muggs and Wu Tang Clan's Raekwon.  

This latest single production 'Yacht Party' is part of DJ Muggs album Dia Del Asesinato is set for an August 10 release.   The Wu Tang killer bee once again flexes his mic skills by culturally and lyrically flowing over a smooth, melodic beat  from the Cypress Hill DJ.  Definitely something to listen to as you drive from point A to point B.



Dia Del Asesinato will include a slew of MCs. Although Muggs is known for his West Coast connections his roots go back to Queens New York which is where he lived until age 14.  This may explain the abundance of rappers on this new album from the QU borough among other notables.  

1. Santa Muerte
2. Day Of The Dead f. Kool G Rap
3. Assassination Day f. DOOM & Kool G Rap
4. Yacht Party f. Raekwon
5. Black Snow Beach f. Raekwon & Meyhem Lauren
6. Blue Horseshoes f. Mach-Hommy
7. Contagion Theory f. Mach-Hommy
8. Wally Face f. Hus Kingpin
9. Duck Sauce f. Eto
10. Ni**as Is P*ssy f. Meyhem Lauren
11. Death Wish f. DOOM & Freddie Gibbs
12. Outro






















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