WATCH: Biggie Smalls Last Ever Interview On Sway And Tech's Radio Show In Los Angeles

Much has changed over the past few decades in the music industry.  A crucial difference between the 1990s and today's era is the role of radio considering the actual impact and role of the Internet and social media hence.  As it is, in the 90s aspiring MCs and legends alike had to pay homage to radio DJs, especially the two main radio personalities located on each coast, east and west.  On the East Coast was Funkmaster Flex and Hot97.  On the West Coast stood  King Tech and Sway on 106.1 KMEL in the Bay Area on The Wake Up Show.

A particular interview that is distinguished from among the many great interviews of solo rap artists and rap groups alike regardless of coast is the interview Biggie gave to Sway and King Tech for the The Wake Up Show in Los Angeles, California  on March 1, 1997, roughly one week before the Brooklyn rap legend was murdered.

Among other things, during the interview the King Of New York discusses the East Coast- West Coast beef, discusses Pac's last interview, and Biggie also admits how Tupac mentored him on many topics pertaining to the rap game prior to Biggie achieving his breakthrough.  Biggie and Lil' Cease also rap live on the air during the interview.  

Rest in peace both Biggie and Tupac.  Hip Hop culture hasn't been the same since.


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