Tennessee Titans DT Jurrell Casey: I'll Still Protest Despite Anthem Policy

The NFL wanted the national anthem issue to parish but that does not appear likely to happen.

The league seems to have incorrectly assumed that enacting a protest policy would end the issue entirely and that they would not have to worry about getting on President Donald Trump's bad side. Now there’s a new and predictable issue: At least one player is planning to protest and live with the punishment.

Tennessee Titans defensive tackle Jurrell Casey, who raised his fist after the national anthem last year as part of players seeking to bring the spotlight on police brutality in America, told CNN on Wednesday that he will not let the policy stop his protest. The new policy states that players have to stand for the anthem and “show respect” or stay in the locker room if they prefer.

The NFL appears to have shortsightedly put together a policy that they perhaps hoped would sweep the issue under the rug-- either stay in the locker room in protest or stand on field for the anthem.  Perhaps the NFL, and America for that matter, needs to continue this conversation from the bottom up instead of policy being dictated from top to bottom.

Long story short, we might be looking at yet another year of anthem talk and controversy. 


Credit:  www.cnn.com

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