I guess there's a precedent for everything and it appears with President Trump taking jabs at celebrities one can argue that the US President is devaluing the Office of The President Of The United States by engaging in petty rhetoric with basketball players, granted the best basketball player in the world is the one in involved.  Others may argue that President Trump is leading a cultural war in order to bring back a semblance of order based on the world view of his constituents.   Through it all, a seasoned observer of politics will probably assume it's petty propaganda displayed by the President in order to mobilize his voting base as the United States prepares itself for very important congressional elections that Trump and his backers cannot afford to lose.  


Not sure how the President can infer that LeBron is stupid considering all the charitable work LeBron is doing in his native Akron especially with his most recent opening of a technologically advance school.

Of course, to be fair, LeBron started it-- by first calling Trump a bum.













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