N.O.R.E., who constitutes the LeFrak half of the legendary rap duo CNN (the other half being QueensBridge native Capone) has done an amazing job of keeping New York style hip hop relevant on a broad scale over the past few years just by virtue of the wide audience appeal for his number one rated Drink Champs podcast.  Co-hosting the podcast alongside Miami based DJ EFN they have managed to land the best industry interviews from both New York rappers and otherwise.  In the process of doing so nostalgia permeates the occasion for that Golden Era sound every time they interview a personality from that era.  And although EFN is a superb compliment to N.O.R.E., it's the latter's personality which brings so much life to each Drink Champs episode.  




This week N.O.R.E. was interviewed by The Breakfast Club after the launch of his latest solo album 5E. 

Regarding 5E Being Coming 20 Year After Of His First Solo Album:

"20 years in the game, most of us is washed or doing UPS commercials. For me to come back to music and to see that love — Mass Appeal Records, I want to big them up. I forgot what it felt like to be on a record label, because I'm used to doing everything on my own. But Mass Appeal, they really stepped it up."

On Him And Nas Squashing Beef And N.O.R.E. Signing With Mass Appeal Which Is Partly Owned By Nas:


"We don't act like that issue didn't, we address it, [which] is what brothers do. We can't act like that didn't happen. It happened, but we happy now. I love to see where he's at. It was emotions. But, look young kids, look what you could go through and then realize that that's your brother. We all go through things, and that's just how you have to handle it. As a man, if you never had an argument with a person, you never had an agreement with a person for 20 years, that's not your friend. At the end of the day, me and Capone fight like cats and dogs, because I know that's my brother."

On What Inspired N.O.R.E. To Make An Entire Album:

"Mass Appeal had reached out to me, we made a three song deal, and "Uno Mas" was one of the three songs. [The song] did great for that they was expecting. So they said, "Fuck the three song deal, let's do a whole album." I was opposed to it at first, 'cause I was like I don't got time. [But] then Pusha-T dropped that album.  I went straight to the studio. I was so inspired, because how good Pusha-T sounded and I went and I just did a whole album. I went straight in after I heard that album."

On Holding Down The Culture:

"We have to start supporting our culture. We all gotta support the culture. Go get a Steve Harvey suit. Yo, for real. We gotta support our culture."




5E Cover Art And Tracklist Below 

1. In the Beginning
2. Big Chain f. Fabolous
3. Bendicion f. Fat Joe
4. Don’t Know f. Fat Joe
5. She’s Mine f. Tory Lanez
6. Woof f. The-Dream
7. Let Me Be Great f. Yung Reallie
8. No Reason f. Sevyn Streeter
9. LaLa f. Jadakiss & Wyclef Jean
10. Parade f. Kent Jones & Yung Reallie
11. Uno Mas f. Pharrell













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