As the whole world knows by now LaVar Ball is nothing short of a straight-shooter.  Whether we agree or disagree with his point of view it is generally agreed that the man calls it how he sees it.  



It's also no secret that Sir Kobe Bryant happens to be a big fan of Boston Celtics and Duke standout Jayson Tatum.  So much so that the legend and the rookie were often spotted working out together.  Furthermore, Bryant is on record questioning why the Los Angeles Lakers did not bother to draft Tatum.

The perpetually outspoken LaVar Ball recently chimed in on the lingering topic of discussion by stating that the reason why the Lakers legend shows little interest in the Lakers rookie is because Lonzo's favorite player all-time is none other than Sir LeBron James.  LaVar recently had this to say during an appearance on Stadium’s “Sauce And Shram., "How many times does a player get to play with his favorite player? Probably never...” “Yes, that’s why Kobe don’t like him that much. Because he said, ‘I like LeBron.’ LeBron’s always been his guy though.”

Before we get carried away and assume LaVar Ball is being a tad over protective over his son we should put some things into perspective when it comes to playing and/or living in Los Angeles.

  1. Blake Griffin has been accused by the lawyers of the mother of his children of being unable to remain faithful to their relationship.  They specifically stated, “Griffin cared more about the glamour of dating a Hollywood celebrity than the day-to-day responsibilities of being a father and family man...”
  2. Recall what happened to Lamar Odom after his Hollywood marriage to Khole Kardashian went sour.  He nearly overdosed himself to death.
  3. Pre- Kim Kanye vs Post- Kim Kanye.

The point being that ego plays a huge role in how celebrities maneuver inside elite circles in Los Angeles and especially within Hollywood circles.  And both Kobe and LeBron are known to maneuver within Hollywood.  I'm pretty sure Kobe has no intention of being bumped from the throne of "King" of Los Angeles.  This starts with maintaining his authority over the towering presence of LeBron James.

Perhaps LaVar Ball's version of why things are in reality is far fetched.  Then again, maybe they're not.






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