Fu Banga Says Shotti of Tr3yWay Is Snitching Too; Ro Murda Stabbed & In Critical Condition

One of the co-defendants of 6ix9ine, Fu Banga (legal name: Fuguan Lovick) says that 6ix9ine isn't the only person snitching. Shotti is also. Fu Banga further reveals that one of his co-defendants, Ro Murda (legal name: Roland Martin), was stabbed multiple times while locked up and was sent to the infirmary in critical condition. Ro Murda just came home from prison after doing a 10-year-stretch before being snatched up by Federal law enforcement.

The interview starts at the 35 second mark. Read the entire official indictment of Daniel Hernandez (aka Tekashi 6ix9ine) here


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