Chicago Emcee Vic Mensa Takes Shots At 6ix9ine, Spike Lee

Vic Mensa is not one to hold back what he wants to say. The Chicago-raised rapper was a recent guest on Real 92.3 and he was asked about Brooklyn's Tekashi 6ix9ine.

As we all recall 6ix9ine was engaged in a "beef" with Chicago natives like Chief Keef and Juice WRLD. The Brooklyn native was eventually caught exaggerating his presence in the city to make it seem like he wasn't afraid to go to the "hood." Mensa took issue with 6ix9ine's actions toward his hometown.

"That sh-t was goofy. That sh-t was lame. N-ggas got they style from Chicago," said the SaveMoney collective member. "It's a shame too because I like Tekashi's music."

He continued, "But when I saw him pretending to be riding around Chicago like he was just on business, on the block, in the middle of the night, the night before talking about 'Where y'all at? I'm on y'all block. I'm handing out sh-t because these Chicago rappers don't wanna do nothing.' Look at the facts, the receipts exist online. There are whole Vine videos of every line that Tekashi69 bit from Chicago rappers."

Vic Mensa also had some words for filmmaker Spike Lee. Mensa appeared in Lee's 2015 film Chi-Raq but it appears the film is not one of the "Reverse" rhymer's favorites.

"Very weak," stated Mensa about Chi-Raq. "I was actually in the Chi-Raq movie. I tried to get out and Spike Lee cussed me out. My lawyers were like we can't really go into litigation with Amazon, n-gga. So I just told them don't credit me."

Vic added, "Spike Lee's just phony as f-ck. Honestly, he's a b-tch ass n-gga. And it's f-ck up because I love Spike Lee's art." Mensa went on to state that Kanye West and Common were connected to the movie when he signed on to be in Chi-Raq, but the director didn't allow local artists to have a lot of creative input.

Entire interview below.



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