TMZ Sports is reporting that Charles Oakley was busted for cheating not once, not twice but three times while playing Ultimate Texas Hold'Em table game recently at a casino in Las Vegas.  TMZ Sports claims to have obtained court documents which explains Oakley's alleged scheme in detail: 

 Here's the deal ... Oakley was playing the Ultimate Texas Hold'Em table game -- where both player and dealer get 2 cards, in addition to a community 5-card draw. 

Of the 7 cards in play, the dealer and player use their best 5 cards to see who has the best hand. 

During the first hand, Oakley started off strong ... with a pair of 4s. But, the dealer ended up with a winning hand ... 2 pair. When Oakley realized he was gonna lose, he allegedly pulled back a $100 chip from his bet. 

Later on during the gambling session, Oakley had a monster hand -- 3 of a kind -- and this time, officials say he secretly ADDED chips to his bet on 2 different occasions during the hand, thereby increasing his payout by $125. 

Officials say it was all captured on casino surveillance -- and he was arrested on the spot. 

Apparently the saying "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" is fitting here also because although initially charged with a felony which could have landed him up to six years in prison his charges were recently cut to a misdemeanor disorderly conduct and he's expected to get through this incident without serving any jail time.





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