Charlamagne Rape Case To Be Heard By SC Supreme Court??

It was first revealed that Charlemagne's rape case will remain closed because the victim supposedly did not cooperate. However, a new report has surfaced claiming the woman who is accusing Charlemagne of rape will push to have the case heard by the South Carolina Supreme Court.

According to The Blast, the woman involved, Jessica Reid, sent a letter to the deputy for the Supreme Court Office of Disciplinary Counsel in South Carolina. In the letter, Reid revealed that she did not cooperate during the investigation because she was "traumatized." In addition, she claims it was the “prosecutor’s responsibility” to defend her appropriately.

Reid would go to claim there wasn’t an “investigation done to bring justice” and that the radio show host “continues to violate [her] on the radio, in his book, and on social media.”

In addition, Jessica Reid claims that she was never provided with the results of Charlamagne's DNA test.



If you are a victim of sexual assault, please call the Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673.

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