Cardi B..Offset Was Targeted By Police, Doesn't Own Guns

Migos member Offset had a recent run in with law enforcement in Georgia where he was stopped for his tinted windows and was allegedly illegally found to have a gun in his possession. 

TMZ claims that persons close to Cardi B, Offset's wife, thinks the hip hop police have made Offset a target and that she agrees with Offset's lawer that the guns found by the cops in the car did not belong to the rapper.   Cardi B also believes Offset did not break any law to warrant being stopped by law enforcement.

Recently, Offset’s lawyer said the cops stopped the rapper for allegedly crossing a double yellow line, but that the stop was unwarranted.

Cardi B also has let it be known that she will not leave her husband in that case that he faces any jail time moving forward.


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