Brooklyn Rapper Fabulous Rejects Plea Bargain Taking Case To Trial

It was reported in June that Fabolous was expected to cop a plea in his domestic abuse case with Emily Bustamante, the mother of two of his children. The plea deal reportedly would've had Fabolous' charges dismissed after he completed the pre-trial intervention program, but now the case is possibly headed to a Grand Jury.

According to Bossip, on Wednesday (June 25), Fabolous' lawyer told the judge that the Brooklyn rapper will not settle for the plea deal and would take his chances with the Grand Jury. Prosecutors said that the case would be reviewed by a Grand Jury early next month, but Fabolous' lawyer doesn't think it will go that far. He stated, "It won’t necessarily go to the Grand Jury. It’s procedural."

Story still developing.  More details to come.

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