Bleacher Report Names Quavo Among 50 Most Influential In Sports

Migos have seen their rise to fame far exceed what most of us would have expected when the Atlanta rappers first hit the music scene.  It's been evident that Migos have been exhibiting influence outside of the music realm however as well.



In addition to music, they have been offering an influential voice when it comes to sports and this can be particularly said about Quavo.  It's pretty well known at this time that Quavo was a stud quarterback in high school and not to mention there are plenty of videos of him online showcasing his hoop skills.   Him being an athlete coupled with him and his rap group's collaborations with Finishline, and Nike x LeBron, as well as his overall cultural influence saw him make Bleacher Report's list for the 50 Most Influential People in Sports.   

Congratulations are in order.  





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