After Being Traded DeMar DeRozan Headed To Drake's House To Talk

DeMar DeRozan's trade from the Toronto Raptors to the San Antonio Spurs spurred plenty of conversation in the blogosphere due to the way the Raptors front office handled the swap. According to DeRozan, he was led to believe that he was part of the Raptors' future plans and was completely blindsided by the trade. DeRozan sat down for an in-depth interview with ESPN reporter Chris Haynes where he expressed his displeasure with how the move was handled and the respect he thought he deserved from that organization.

During the interview, DeRozan details how he had a conversation with Drake after news of the trade hit the media circuit.  The NBA star explained to Haynes, "I went to Drake’s house. Me and him sat and talked for a couple of hours. Not even on some hoops stuff. Just to hear the words that come from him being the person that he is in this world, especially in Toronto. What I meant to this city. It was what I needed."

Check out the full interview below, or skip to the 20:54 mark to hear about DeMar and Drake's conversation.


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