A$AP ROCKY's Lawyer Clarifies TMZ Spread Rumor About Jail Conditions

Reports previously suggested that A$AP Rocky was confined to "inhumane conditions" in a Swedish jail while awaiting the possibility of a trial for his involvement in an incident where Rocky and members of his entourage allegedly jumped what appears to be a mentally deranged teenager. 

Rocky's attorney, Henrik Olsson Lilja, clarified the TMZ spread news (which didn't list any sources) about his client's jail environment, and translated from Swedish website SVT, he states,

"[A$AP Rocky] has never talked to TMZ or any third party regarding the circumstances when he was arrested, ie when he was in the prison. He was then treated and treated properly. However, he has experienced the conditions in the arrest as very simple and has experienced that it smells urine in the cell in the arrest. However, not in detention. The conditions in the arrest cell can in that respect be criticized." 

The attorney further added,

"He has lacked appetite at the beginning when he was arrested but tries to eat to the best of his ability. He was to receive a visit from American staff at an early stage when he was arrested, but understood that staff from the embassy were not allowed to enter. At a later date, some day later, however, he has been visited. If this is a violation of the Vienna Convention, he cannot judge. He does not know any other information in the TMZ article." 

With that being said, we immediately questioned the validity of TMZ's claims which suggested A$AP Rocky was being held in jail-like conditions that resembled something out of the movie 'City of God.' Anyone interested can read our short article here where we instantly outlined why we thought TMZ was putting out misinformation. 

We always confirm the information we have available to us before publishing it to the best of our ability. 


Source: www.svt.se

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