6ix9ine On Vic Mensa: I Cannot Name One Song If Someone Had A Gun To My Head Right Now

6ix9ine is directly questioning the credibility of some of his peers.  Fresh off an international tour before being kidnapped and robbed, and then being added to NICKIHNDRXX another international tour that will begin touring shortly which headlines the biggest names in Hip Hop, namely Nicki Minaj and Future, 6ix9ine popped in for an interview recently on The Angie Martinez Show on Power 105.1 in New York City.

During the nearly 1 hour 20 minute long interview the Brooklyn rapper began to question Vic Mensa's credibility, stating, "I don’t even know who that kid is. I put this on everything I love. May God strike me dead, on my daughter’s life, I can not name one song if someone had a gun to my head right now,” the 22-year-old rapper said. “Who is he? Is he even respected? Who knows him? Does he have a Billboard hit? So why are you beefing with me?”

A few days back Mensa blasted 6ix9ine for his perceived disrespecting of his hometown of Chicago and jacking the style of the city's rappers. Mensa followed up with a combined warning, “Fight me then point blank.  See me with these f****n hands-- no security. We seen you drive around Chicago with 8 police. Shoot the one on one see what happens to you boy I’ll turn your mother f*****g face the color of you hair".  Vic Mensa then proceed to tell DJ Akademiks to expect to fight Mensa as well whenever they meet in person.


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During the the Angie Martinez interview 6ix9ine proceeds to query everyone in the room to drop the name of a song from the Chi-Town rapper and not one person could identify a Mensa track which triggered Tekashi69’s tangent about Mensa’s Hip-Hop credibility. Looking directly into the camera, he continues: “Vic Mensa, this is for you: No one knows you. Like, no one. We’re at a radio station, the hottest radio station probably in New York. No one knows you. I’m not being mean; I literally asked everyone. I gave you a fair chance.”

However this is not entirely accurate as Vic Mensa has a follower base of over 800,000 fans on Instagram.  What is different in this case is that Mensa is calling out 6ix9ine to "fight the fair one" as opposed to threatening to shoot or kill 6ix9ine.  Perhaps this is an even bigger threat to 6ix9ine's credibility.

Mensa seems to have ended the issue on a "positive" note by posting the following to his IG accout:


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