50 Cent is being slapped with a $3 million lawsuit from HipHopDX as a result of his posts on social media with claims of the site publishing "fake news."   The lawsuit claims, “The celebrity known as 50 Cent has maliciously used his power and influence to falsely attack a small, independent media company for its unfavorable but entirely truthful content." It continues, “In late June 2018, it exposed as false certain public statements made by 50 Cent claiming to have sold the rights to a three-word catchphrase for a million dollars.”


HipHopDX published a story concerning 50 Cent's catchphrase "get the strap" being sold and claim that their reporting was accurate. However, following the publishing of the story, 50 Cent proceeded to attack the site on his social media platforms. The site compared the rapper's branding of the site as "fake news" to the New York Times coverage of Donald Trump:

“False attacks by celebrities and public figures on journalists and media companies, branding them as ‘fake news,’ have become a powerful weapon for pulling readers away from otherwise respected sources. These are not merely political or public relations issues for media companies. Rather, they are attacks on a business and constitute classic defamation – false assertions to the public that are intended to, and do, damage a person or company in their professional reputation.”

50 Cent also has a lawsuit out against HIpHopDX for alleged copyright infringement over an image the site published that the rapper is said to have rights to. However, HipHopDX claims that 50 Cent only obtained the rights at a later time "for the sole purpose of bringing this lawsuit.”

Source:  www.blast.com

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