50 Cent Seeks Trademark For 'Get The Strap'

50 Cent Seeks Trademark For 'Get The Strap'

May 21, 2018


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50 Cent is currently in the midst of a lawsuit battle with Tierra Marie after posting a rather explicit post-facial photo of the R&B singer turned reality star on Instagram, which legally can be considered as revenge porn.

So, 50 decided to flex his business know-how and filed to trademark his now infamous 'Get The Strap' hashtag slash slogan before any other business-savvy individual hopped on the opportunity.

50 is looking to trademark the now popular hashtag for clothing, hats, phone cases, and other merchandise usages.

With that said, do you think 50 Cent is proving himself to be more savvy than most would have expected of him throughout his career up until this point?

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