1 Person Fatally Shot Outside Drake's Restaurant

1 Person Fatally Shot Outside Drake's Restaurant

May 23, 2018


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Drake can be a busy person. He's now wrapping up his second studio album, Scorpion, while also keeping guiding hands on all of his businesses. One of those operations Drake possesses is a restaurant in Toronto called Pick 6, which is now in the middle of a police investigation after a person was murdered leaving the establishment Sunday.


According to police, who spoke with CBC News, Jaiden Jackson, 28, was at Pick 6 and left around 9pm with an unknown woman.  They then headed west on the north side of Wellington Street.  However, they were met with a black Honda Civic that ambushed them.  Allegedly, two guys left the car and opened fire towards the couple, with Jackson their principal target. He escaped on foot and fled into the nearby garage but was chased down by both men who originally shot at him.  They fired multiple shots before fleeing the scene and were last seen heading west on Wellington Street.


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By the time authorities came, Jackson was in critical condition. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment but was declared dead in a couple of hours. Currently, the suspects remain at large.

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