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BLOCBOY JB Says He’s A Fan of ‘Gangsta’ Trump; Would Vote For Him For President Except…

This weekend (3/20), Blockboy JB took to multiple social media accounts in order to express a new found affinity for President Donald Trump. The Memphis rapper specifically tweeted, “I’m Starting To Like Trump No Cap. Dude Ass To Gangsta.”

Blockboy later double-down on his tweet by reposting to his IG account in order to explain to his 2 million “followers” his political feelings. Notice, just as importantly, how the IG post is captioned, “Trump Might Would’ve Got My Vote If I Wasn’t A Felon😂😂😂”

Indeed, this is a matter prison-reform must address. No democracy has full integrity if persons who have redeemed themselves by serving their debt to society (jail time, probation and/or fines, etc) but are yet still unable to partake in the voting process. These are nothing short of draconian laws preventing citizens from enjoying full citizenship and hopefully the Trump administration will tackle this matter ASAP.

Blockboy JB doesn’t explain why he called the President “Gangsta” however shortly before he posted on the matter Trump was very blunt with a White House reporter which you can watch here.

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