Birdman Closes Bank Accounts To Avoid Having His Money Seized

Birdman’s property manager Nicolas Jose Penzo sued him for 30K in unpaid wages from work done in 2018. Penzo claims Birdman’s checks began to bounce towards the end of his tenure working for the Cash Money Records boss.

Earlier in 2019, Penzo was awarded a $1,069,876 judgment when Baby didn’t appear in court to contest the lawsuit. After Birdman refused to pay the judgment, his Citibank bank assets were ordered to be frozen and seized so Penzo could obtain his settlement.

However, Birdman must’ve been anticipating his accounts being seized because on 8/31 his seven Citibank accounts were closed out ahead of the court order.

Citibank issued the following statement in a filing after being order to hand over Baby’s assets to Penzo,

“Citibank has no tangible or intangible personal property of the Defendants…”

Birdman, who’s speculated to have a net worth of $80 million may now have trouble using the U.S. banking system. Like previous Cash Money Records employee Lil Wayne Penzo may have to play the long game in order to get his money from Baby.

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