Alpo Says He Put One In Rich Porter’s Head to Finish Him Off, Breaks Silence

The Crack-era is a notorious era in U.S history. For people who never experienced it first hand all that’s needed to witness it’s consequences in society is to look around you. The Crack-era was facilitated by the highest levels of society (read: The C.I.A). It impacted people far and wide from Hollywood down to the common working folk. Nobody was more impacted than Black communities across urban landscapes all over America.

The story of Alpo Martinez is one of rags to riches to snitching to jail. And now, he’s back home and intends on telling his story (perhaps via a Netflix-like drama or documentary).

Check out Alpo’s latest video recording below where he speaks in first person detailing how he eventually put the last bullet in Rich Porter’s head before burying his Rich’s body.

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Also, check out this older audio recording of Alpo detailing other aspects of him killing his former friend & partner, Rich Porter.

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