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Akon Continues To Publicly Support 6ix9ine: Suggests A Hits Battle

Akon recently admitted he has zero qualms with snitch rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine. It was just in mid-April of this year that Akon called Tekashi a “kid,’ even though he’s actually 24-years-old, and said he has no problem making music with the snitch.

The reality is that Akon is positioning himself to leverage his own international status combined with Tekashi’s star power to create music for an international audience who has no clue about the “street code.” Excluding countries such as a Brazil and and a few other places, most countries in the world have zero understanding of what “the streets” is.  They simply assume Tekashi is a tough guy who’s snitching is justified.

Find the video from last where Akon justified Tekashi’s snitching.

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