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6ix9ine’s 1st Troll Since Being Home Is About ‘Snitching’

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As we reported this past week, Tekashi 6ix9ine was allowed to serve out the remainder of his sentence from home after being granted a release by the judge presiding over his case due to fears over Coronavirus coupled with 6ix9ine having asthma. There are several stipulations for 6ix9ine’s release from jail (which technically won’t go into effect until 8/2/2020). One stipulation is that Tekashi must refrain from trolling. Another stipulation for Tekashi is that he will be an on-demand snitch for the FEDZ (to learn more about that, see here).

The Shade Room recently made a post regarding Los Angeles’ Mayor offering “rewards” for people notifying the city about businesses that violate the ‘Stay at Home’ command in place for LA. Tekashi commented on the post stating, “Coming to the rescue.” Find the screenshot up top.

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