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50 CENT Calls JIM JONES A SNITCH, Jim Jones Responds, MAINO Gets Involved

As we reported yesterday, bonafide cooperating government witness Tekashi 6ix9ine (legal name: Daniel Hernandez) has been granted a home release by the presiding judge in his case due to the ongoing Coronavirus “pandemic” after taking into account Tekashi’s issues with asthma (see here).

50 Cent took to social media afterwards basically called Jim Jones a “Confidential informant.” 50 Cent is referring to Mel Murda, a co-defendent of 6ix9ine in the trial last year who was sentenced to 11+ years in prison.

“👀😆Now individual 1 ya gonna have to tell everybody how you were on tape in court on the phone coaching Mel,to super duper violate shorty but the Feds never picked you up and the charges were Rico & conspiracy Confidential informant.”

The following tweet is from the court reporter who covered the 6ix9ine trial where Jim Jones was discussed as having talked about “[super] violating” Tekashi but never getting hit with RICO charges.

Jim Jones responded with a post of a recent prison photo of Mel Murda with the following caption,

“Melly said he doin super fine You have to watch out for these so call real ones thts routing for rats to come home and And wanna see real nig*as go to jail
Any nig*a th needs to try n tarnish another mans name for personal gain has to b a hoe why else would he have my d*ck so far down his throat lol 😂 pause”

50 Cent then addressed Maino for liking the above mentioned Jim Jones post by reposting the bottom portion of the same Mel Murda photo and captioned the post by writing,

“i learn something new everyday,😏see i looked out for this guy when he needed help. I made a call to get him his deal but people forget. being a good judge of character is detrimental to success and people change so you have to watch them. if you stay on point you will peep the change.”

Maino then responded to 50 Cent on 50’s IG account and then reposting his own comment on IG,

“Lol Nah I ain’t forget…Never will. You OverThinking brah.”

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